What Is a Photo Big Day?

A Big Day is a tradition for birders around the world: How many birds can you see in a single day? What is your personal best? Since the 1980s, Big Days have become increasingly competitive, with the the World Series of Birding held annually in New Jersey and other similar events carried out across the country. Today, Big Day records are most often set by teams of elite birders and ornithologists who may bird from midnight to midnight, often aided by special flight call expertise not available to ordinary birders.

A "Photo Big Day"–photographing as many bird species as you can in a single day–is designed to level the playing field, and limit the Big Day to reasonable daylight hours. 

This website is designed for you to be able to do any of the following: become a captain of your own Photo Big Day, join a team as a photographer, or pledge or donate to your favorite Photo Big Day team and support a worthy cause while doing so. Full instructions are below.

(If you have any trouble, just give a call to NYC Audubon, and we can help you get a team set up, join as a photographer of an existing team, or support a team. Call 212-691-7483 x313, and ask Angela or Andrew for help.)


How to Use the Photo Big Day Website

  • Want to start your own Photo Big Day fundraiser? Create a Your Big Day Accounts: We've partnered with Razoo to create Photo Big Day teams that can choose which organization to benefit through donations and pledges per each bird species photographed. An individual can also be his/her own single-person team. For this Photo Big Day website, you will need a Flickr account to get started, so you can share all the photos you take. Click here to see all the instructions.
  • To join an already existing Photo Big Day team as a photographer, click here.    

  • To give to a Photo Big Day team and support a worthy causeclick here.

Brant © Don Riepe

Brant © Don Riepe